Dr. Biju T. Kuzhiveli
Dr. Biju T. Kuzhiveli


Office Address:

Professor Centre for advanced studies in Cryogenics Department of Mechanical Engineering National Institute of Technology Calicut NIT Campus Post, Calicut Kerala, India - 673601

Professional Experience

  • Specialized in Thermal/Cryogenic Engineering. More than 22 years of experience in Space R&D, Defence R&D, Universities after completing Ph.D. work. National award winner in the field of Cryogenics. Core member in the design and development of indigenous cryogenic rocket engines and cryogenic upper stage engines for GSLV mission. Core member in the development of hydrogen inducted IC engine. Designed and developed various cryogenic refrigerators for infra-red sensor module for onboard space craft detector cooling applications and main battle tank. Jointly engaged with IISc for sponsored projects worth 1.8 crore. Major projects are under review/modification/discussion stage. Undertaken consultancy with Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Nuclear science centre New Delhi, Cryo engine division and cryo stage division of LPSC, ISRO and along with other minor consultancies. Set up state of the art computing facility in Central Computer Centre and a supercomputing facility PURNA for the first time in NITC. Developed centre for advanced studies in cryogenics (CASC) for developing know how in contemporary, futuristic and strategic technologies.

Funded Projects

  • FRG Project (5 lakhs) 

  • Design and development of miniature linearly driven opposed piston compressor for cryocooler applications”. CSIR Jointly with I.I.Sc Bangalore (12.5 lakhs) 

  • Development of thermo-acoustically driven pulse tube refrigerators for natural gas liquefaction”, Jointly with I.I.Sc Bangalore for CSIR.-Jointly with I.I.ScBangalore (1.18 crore) 

  • IPR -BRFST “Facility towards absorption studies of specific absorbers”, Jointly with I.I.Sc Bangalore for Institute for Institute for Plasma Research Ahemadabad, BRFST T ITER project-DRDO Phase I&II (50.6 Lakhs) 

  • Design and Development of Electro-magnetically Driven Miniature Cryocooler for IR sensor Array (Phase I &II).TEQIP II students projects – 3 nos


  • Indian Institute of Science (I.I.Sc), Bangalore “Solid state cryocoolers: Design and development of novel optical cryocoolers and thermal/optical characterization thereof”. Paid consultant for initial phase & Honorary. Total cost of the project: 98 Lakhs 

  • Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi,Heat transfer problems at 4.2 K in Liquid Helium Dewar test rig Development of new generation vortex tube cooler 

  • LPSC ISRO Stratification problems in LOX tank of C25 & GSLV cryogenic rocket stages 

  • Consultancy under discussion With LPSC& VSSC ISRO, Trivandrum Thermo-fluid and combustion problems in cryogenic engines: semi cryo and Tri-propellant