Dr. Mohammed Firoz
Dr. Mohammed Firoz

Associate Professor

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Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Planning, National Institute of Technology Calicut, Pin 673601, Kerala, India

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F C 16, New Faculty apartments , NIT Campus (PO), PIN: 673601 Challappurath, Near Police Quarters, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Kerala.PIN: 679322

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) , Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur ( IIT Kharagpur)

  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M.Planning) School of Public Policy and Planning, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

  • PostGraduate Diploma in Urban Environmental Management and Law, National Law University, New Delhi

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.),. Department of Architecture, National Institute of Technology Calicut ( NIT Calicut)

  • Educational Qualifications

    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) , Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur ( IIT Kharagpur)

    • Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M.Planning) School of Public Policy and Planning, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

    • PostGraduate Diploma in Urban Environmental Management and Law, National Law University, New Delhi

    • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.),. Department of Architecture, National Institute of Technology Calicut ( NIT Calicut)



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    Professional Experience

    • Architecture design consultant September 2004 till date ( Selected major projects only) , Architect, School of Architecture for NIT Calicut Campus ( Approximately 85,000 Square feet) Architect, Lecture hall complex for NIT Calicut Campus ( The one near Rajppath with Approximately 36,000 Square feet Area) Core team member and Co Architect AHADS project, Government of Kerala, India ( Funded by JICA Japan) . Project value of 7 crore approximately ( Along with 6 other faculty members from Dept of Architecture, NITC with Dr PP Anil Kumar as the lead Architect) Design of Kunnamagalam police station, Police construction Corporation, Government of Kerala Project value of 1.05 crore approximately, ongoing as on 25-1-2017 Interior design of lecture hall for Department of Computer science and Engineering ( Proposed)

    • Wilbur Smith Associates, Bangalore May 2003 to July 2003, [(A subsidiary of WSAPL (Inc), USA] (Internship As a part of Masters Degree) Rapid Environmental Assessment for Sirsi-Didhapur water supply scheme. Design of a bus terminus at trivandrum

    • STAPATI Architects,Calicut August 2001 to Nov 2001 ,(Internship As a part of Bachelors degree) Architectural design detailing of various projects

    Professional Memberships

    • Life Member, Council of Architecture (India), New Delhi, CA/2004/34896

    • Life Membership (Associate) Institute of Town Planners India, New Delhi, ITPI/2007/062

    • Life member (Associate) Institution of Engineers India. M-1546656

    • Life member (Fellow) Indian Institute of Architects FIIA-F24675

    • Member, Regional Studies Association (UK) Membership Number: 23886

    • Member, Development Studies Association ( UK), Membership Number: M39424


    Administrative Responsiblities and Services

    Administrative services

    •  Associate Dean ( Students welfare) From March 2016 onwards

    • Chairman and Faculty advisor for various admissions.

    • Joint Secretary Cum treasurer, Parents  Teachers Association

    • Chairman, Examinations and design Jury

    • Warden, D Hostel ( 3 years)

    • Member; DCC,Department of Architecture, NITC    

    • Member; Pass board, Department of Architecture, NITC.

    • Staff in charge, Association of Student Architects for 5 years  (ASA) 

    • Staff in Charge, Seminar Library. Department of Architecture.   7 years

    •  Staff in charge, Placement Committee, THATVA and RAGAM ( For several years).

    •  Staff In charge, Department Time table.

    • Lab In charge for creative Arts laboratory, BS Lab and  Material lab for many years

    • Detailed curriculum and syllabus for various courses at the UG and PG levels


     Voluntary services

    • Services to the Department of Tourism , Government of Kerala for the preparation of master plan for Alappuzha, Kerala, during the Post graduate studies ( Served as the base document for the actual preparation of Master plan)
    • Invited member, Tourism ministry, Government of Kerala as a Member of the Public discussion committee, during the preparation of Master Plan for Alappuzha, Kerala. 
    • Guided the students of Architecture for the ZONASA, NASA etc for several years in different parts of India

    Awards and Achievements

    • Visiting teacher fellowship to delever lecture, review and interact with the students as well as faculty members of prestigious School of Architecture, Architectural Association London ( AA London), UK

    • Visiting Faculty ( On Deputation) at the School of Environmental Resource and Development, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand ( On Deputation)

    •  Early Faculty Induction Programme Fellowship from All India Council of Technical Education (A program initiated by AICTE to attract bright and meritorious young students to teaching profession.) Selected by NIT Calicut, Sponsored and trained at the school of planning, CEPT Ahmedabad. Received a Monthly stipend (Rs 10 thousand, almost equalent to the salary of a lecturer, then in 2002) and full fee reimbursed for the entire PG programme.

    •  Third Rank, Bachelor of Architecture-2002, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut, ( Former REC Calicut)

    • Overall Proficiency award for academic achievements from NIT Calicut. Received as one of the only two students for consistent academic performance from department of Architecture, NIT Calicut  in the 1997-2002 batch.

    • QIP Fellowship from Government of India for undertaking PhD degree.

    • M-FAR fellowship for academic achievements from Muslim Educational Society Kerala An award  Initiated by the GULFAR Group to promote Muslim students in professional courses, especially at the Post graduate level.

    • 8th Rank, IIT Roorkee Entrance Examination.

    •  Consistent good score for teacher evaluation: Good score by students for the various teacher evaluations for the subjects taught at NIT Calicut.

    •  GATE scholar 2002 and 2001. Qualified GATE examination in the pre final and the final year of Undergraduate Course, (Received a scholarship of Rs 5000 per month from MHRD, Government of India.)

    •  First Prize In debate NOSPLAN-2003 held at School of planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

    • School Sports Champion in the Years 1993 and 1994. Several Medals and certificates in sports events at School, District, State and South India levels.


    Teaching Experience

    Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Development and Sustianbality, Asian Institute of Technology Thailand

    Taught a course on 'Mega cities Development and Management' besides other academic duites and outreach activities 

    Visiting teacher Architectural Association school of Architecture, London ( AA London), UK

    Delivered lectures related to Architectural education,  and participated as a review member of the various design studios of the AA- London, school of Architecture at the UG ( All units  from 1st year to fifth year) and interacted and with Post graduate students as well as faculty members of the  Housing and urbanism programme of the institute.


    Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut. (July 2004 till date (18 Years))

    Has been teaching UG and PG theory  subjects like  Sustainbale development, , Demography and Statistics, Planning principles and techniques, Principles of Settlements, Town Planning , Building Cost modeling and Valuation , Sociology and Community Planning, Human settlements studies etc. Also involved with design studio's like Urban design and Settlement planning studio , Seminar co ordinator,Architectural design studio in various semesters etc. Has also  Guided more than 50 undergraduate thesis, 14 PG thesis, One PHd thesis ( 7 on going)  at the Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut. 

    Research Experience

    PhD GUIDANCE (Completed)          

    1. A framework for the integration of Regional Environmental Quality Assessment in Spatial Planning:  A Case Study.  Student Name: Shruti Krishnan V (Former Assistant Professor, Mangalam College of Engineering, Kerala) – Completed on 04-06-2022


    PhD GUIDANCE (On going)    

    1. A Sustainability measurement model for assessing carrying capacity of pilgrimage tourist among Temple towns – A case of Tamilnadu, India. Student Name: Ar. Kavitha VS ( Associate Professor and Head, Periyar Maniammai University, Tamil Nadu) 2016  July to present date

    2. A methodological framework for assessing the Destination competiveness of as tourist region using importance performance analysis: A case of  Kerala , India .  Student Name: Ar. Ashna John (Former Assistant Professor in Architecture, MES College of Engineering, Kuttipuram, Kerala)- 2017  January to present date

    3. A methodological framework for Assessing the regional Disparities in Social Development: A case study f Kerala, India. Name of the student: Fathim R Kallingal,, Technical adviser GIZ India  ( A unit of Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit –GIZ Germanay)- 2018  January to present date

    4. Rural Urban Dichotomy In The Evolving Mega Regions Of Kerala: The Need For An Alternate Classification By  Susan Cyriac, ,Former  Professor Alsalama School of Architecture Perinthalmanna. 2018  July to present date

    5. A frame work for assessing Quality of life among urban residents: A case of Kerala, India, by Fathima Zehba, Former research associate NIUA Delhi and Ministry of Housing, Govt of India. 2020  January to present date

    6. Developing a framework for & Integrated Sustainable Regional Development: Identifying the parameters to promote employment and reduce migration in a selected region of India, By Ritesh Ranjan, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Planning, NIT Calicut-2021  January to present date


    Research Project (On going)    

              My City (In)Visible: Research Project funded by the British Academy.

    • Role : Co Investigator in the partner University, India.   Project Value : 15000 British Pounds). Lead Universities : University of Westminster, University of Liverpool, Anglia Ruskin University,Durham University, University of Exeter – Partner Universities :  Search for Common Ground; Centre for Poverty Analysis; Sevanatha Urban Resource Centre  University of Ghana Institute of African Studies, African Centre for Cities (University of Cape Town); South Africa  ; National Institute of Technology Calicut, Department of Architecture and Planning; Habitat for Humanity India; International Centre for Climate Change and Development (Dhaka); The Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (University of Dhaka)

    • SPARC Project funded by Government of India ( Proposal submitted and Under review) In joint collaboration with  University of Naples “Federico II”, IIT Kharagpur and TU Delft . Role- Lead Indian Researcher

    • GIAN Project  funded by Government of India  Under review   In joint collaboration  chulalongkorn university Thailand  and NIT Calicut- Role- Lead Indian Researcher

    • GIAN Project funded by Government of India (Under review) In joint collaboration Auburn University, USA                 and NIT Calicut- Role- Lead Indian Researcher