B Tech in Materials Science and Engineering

The program is a four year bachelor’s degree in technology, offered by School of Materials Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology, with an emphasis on rapidly developing energy, polymer, bio and nano materials. This is an interdisciplinary program that make use of knowledge from chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics combined with the principles of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. The course is designed to make the students capable of taking up the challenges in the field of materials science and engineering. In addition to the solid technical foundation, the curriculum also ensures overall development of students, especially in communication, project management, time management, organizational and computing skills.

The course structure and the syllabi of B.Tech. MSE is designed to provide an in-depth understanding and hands-on research experience in the advanced materials technology with an emphasis on rapidly growing areas such as health care, polymer, energy and environment. In addition to the theory/laboratory courses, the students complete a major theoretical/experimental project in the final year related to materials science and engineering. The program provides a solid platform to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills and project management. Graduates of this programme will be ready to take up jobs in industry (energy, environment, polymer/rubber, healthcare, nanotechnology, etc.), as well as to develop a research-based career.

Highlights of the program

The graduate will be well versed with the conventional as well as modern techniques in material synthesis, processing and characterisation.

Industry oriented elective courses are included in the curriculum and syllabi for the program. Student has the flexibility to choose the track based elective courses to specialize in an area The curriculum ensures overall development of students, especially in communication, project management, time management, organizational and computing skills.

Graduates in the materials science and engineering will cater the multidisciplinary needs in the sectors like health care, energy, environment, aerospace, automobile, defence, etc.



M.Tech Nanotechnology

This programme will impart state-of the art knowledge in this new area, and has an objective of training the students to make them capable of addressing the challenges of this emerging technological field. The programme is designed for students with a background in Mechanical/Production/Chemical Engineering. This will deal with topics related to the fundamentals and applications of the subject, with a focus on emerging areas in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The courses offered in the programme include fundamental and applied subjects such as Physics of Materials, Thermodynamics of Nano Materials and Systems, Mechanics of Finite-size Elements, Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer, Nanosized Structures, Experimental Techniques in Nanotechnology and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, and a variety of elective subjects ranging from Computational Nanotechnology to Composite Materials from which students can choose, according to their background and interest. Laboratory courses dealing with production and applications of nanoparticles, nanofluids and nanocomposits as well as giving exposure to discrete computational analysis of nanoscale phenomena and systems will also be offered as part of the curriculum. The specialization in Nanotechnology holds a very high potential for employment in R&D, academics and industries, as well as provides a gate way to the extremely challenging field, which is expected to have a profound impact on the future of all streams of science and technology.