Dr. Laksmi V. Nair
Dr. Laksmi V. Nair

Assistant Professor

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Lakshmi Nivas, Eenthivila, Cheeranikkara PO, Vembayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

  • PhD- SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST)- February 2016

  • MPhil in Biomedical Technology (First class)- SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST - July 2010

  • Post Graduate Diploma in computer Application - G-Tec Computer Education - August 2009

  • M.Sc. in Physics (First class) - Kerala University -May 2008

  • B.Sc. in Physics (First class) - Kerala University - April 2006

  • Educational Qualifications

    • PhD- SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST)- February 2016

    • MPhil in Biomedical Technology (First class)- SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST - July 2010

    • Post Graduate Diploma in computer Application - G-Tec Computer Education - August 2009

    • M.Sc. in Physics (First class) - Kerala University -May 2008

    • B.Sc. in Physics (First class) - Kerala University - April 2006


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    8. YoshikiNiihori, SakiatHossain, Bharat Kumar, Lakshmi V. Nair, WataruKurashige, Yuichi Negishi, “Perspective: Exchange Reactions in Thiolate-Protected Metal Clusters”APL Mater.  2017, 5053201.

    9. Sakiat Hossain, Wataru Kurashige, Shota Wakayama, Bharat Kumar, Lakshmi V. Nair, Yoshiki Niihori, Yuich Negishi, “Ligand Exchange Reactions in Thiolate-​Protected Au25 Nanoclusters with Selenolates or Tellurolates: Preferential Exchange Sites and Effects on Electronic Structure” J. Phys. Chem. C 2016120, 25861-25869.

    10. Lakshmi V. Nair, Resmi. V. Nair, Ramapurath S. Jayasree, “An insight into the optical property of sub nano size glutathione stabilized gold cluster"Dalton Trans.,201645, 11286.

    11. Nisha Narayanana, Lakshmi V. Nair, V. Karunakaran, M. M. Josepha, J. B. Nair, Ramya A. N., R. S. Jayasree, K. K. Maiti, Investigation of Apoptotic Events at Molecular Level Induced by SERS Guided Targeted Theranostic Nanoprobe"  Nanoscale20168, 11392-11397.

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    ​​​​​​​Conference Presentations and Awards

    1. Lakshmi. V. Nair,Shota Wakayama, Shunjiro Takagi, WataruKurashige, Yuichi Negishi, Atomically Precise Metallic Nano Cluster: Geometrical Structure and Electronic Property” Chemical Society Japan, Japan, March 15- 19 2017(Oral Presentation).

    2. Lakshmi V. Nair, “Novel Fluorescent Nanoconstruct for early diagnosis, Therapy and Sensing” G. C. Jain Lecture, Material Research Society of India, IIT Bombay, February 13- 15, 2017 (for the Best thesis presentation).

    3. Lakshmi V. Nair,Shota Wakayama, Shunjiro Takagi, Yuichi Negishi, “Atomically Precise Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Platinum Nano Cluster ”, International Symposium on New Trends in Applied Chemistry NTACKochiFebruary 9- 112017(Best Presentation Award).

    4. Lakshmi V. Nair,Jayasree. R. S, “Gold Nanocluster Mediated Cancer Diagnosis and Targeted Photodynamic Therapy”, NSPA- 2015, Thiruvananthapuram, December 9- 11, 2015(Best Presentation Award).

    5. Lakshmi V. Nair, Jayasree R S, “Cancer cell Imaging and Targeted therapy using quantum dot conjugated carbon nanotube” Indo-Australian Conference on biomaterials, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems and regenerative medicine (BiTERM), Chennai, February 5-7, 2015 (Oral presentation).

    6. Lakshmi V. Nair,Jayasree. R. S, “Multifunctional Gold nanocluster: An insight into cancer diagnosis and treatment”, Material Research Society of India, Thiruvananthapuram, January 30, 2014(Best Presentation Award).

    7. Lakshmi V. Nair,Jayasree. R. S, Quantum dot functionalized singlewall carbon nanotube for cancer cell imaging and targetted photothermal therapy“ National Conference on Materials Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, July 11-13 2014 (Oral presentation).

    8. Lakshmi V. Nair,Jayasree. R. S, “Detection of Endosulfan at Femto Molar Level and its Clearance from Ground Water using Cadmium Selenium Quantum dots” 26th Kerala Science Congress, Pookode, Wayanad from 28th to 31st January 2014(Selected for best paper award category).

    9. Lakshmi V. Nair,Jayasree. R. S, Gold Quantum Cluster as a Biomaterial for Biomedical Imaging and Therapy”, International Congress on Advances in Human Healthcare Systems ' Healthcare India, Delhi, 21-24 February 2012.

    10. Lakshmi V. Nair,Jayasree. R. S, Synthesis and Biocompatibility Evaluation of NIR emitting Gold Quantum Clusters” Indian Analytical Science Congress, Kanyakumari, January 27- 28 2012(Best Poster Award).

    Books (Refereed)

    1. “Ligand-Protected Gold Clusters"S. Hossain, Lakshmi. V. Nair, J. Inoue, Y. Koyama, W.Kurashige, Y. Negishi, SaravananChandralekaEds."Ligand" InTech's publishing (2018) in press.

    Professional Experience

    • Inspire faculty Fellow - National Institute of Technology, Calicut - October 2018

    • Project Assistant (Scientific) - SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) - June 2018- October 2018

    • Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Tokyo University of Science, Japan - April 2016- March 2018

    • Technical Assistant - SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) - September 2010 to December 2010

    1. “Method of preparation of urease and gold quantum clusters mediated nanobiosensor for the detection of blood urea and the process involved”(Indian patent no: 1567/ CHE/12)

    2. “Detection of endosulfan and its clearance from ground water using cadmium selenium quantum dots” (Indian patent no: 4025/ CHE/2014)

    3. “Blood brain barrier targeting using L dopa mediated gold quantum clusters” (Applied for Indian patent).

    1. Lakshmi. V. Nair, “Versatile Approach for Early Stage Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Using Thiolate Protected Gold Nano Cluster” Summer Symposium 2016, DivisionofColloidand Interface Science, Japan, August 5, 2016

    • Crystallization (Single Crystal) of metallic nanoclusters

    • UV/ VISIBLE Spectrophotometer, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, life time, quantum yield, triplet yield, MALDI MS, ESI MS, FT-IR, FT Raman, Dynamic Light scattering, Confocal Microscope, Universal Testing Machine, HPLC, GPC, ICP-MS, SEM, TEM, EDX, XRD, XPS, AFM, Micro-CT, Xenogen IVIS in vivo imaging systemetc

    • Trained in plasma CVD system for CNT synthesis

    • Electrochemical Analysis of nanoclusters.

    • Catalytic activity of metallic nanocluster.

    • Synthesis of gold nanoparticles, gold nanorods, fluorescence quantum clusters of gold, Quantum dot (both type I&II), Carbon nanotube, Carbon dots, platinum and Palladium nanoclusters.

    • Functionalizing nanomaterials with suitable ligands and markers, proteins, peptides etc.

    • Surface modification of quantum dots for improving the optical property

    • Tissue culture training on both cell line and primary culture

    • DNA/ RNA isolation, electrophoresis, PCR analysis, PAGE etc.

    • In vivo tumor model development and in vivo animal imaging and therapy

    • Inspire Faculty fellowship

    • Post-doctoral fellowship in Tokyo University of Science

    • Fellowship for Perusing PhD in SCTIMST

    • Fellowship for Perusing MPhil in SCTIMST

    • Material Research Society of India presentation Award

    • Total Publication 15 (from 2011)

    • Total Impact factor of 109.715(2011 to 2018)

    • Three Indian Patent

    • Invited Lecture (3)

    • Post-doctoral researcher at Tokyo University of Science, Japan (April 2016- March 2018)

    • PhD in SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology under the guideship of Dr. R S Jayasree in “Novel Fluorescent Nanoconstruct for early stage disease diagnosis, Therapy and Sensing” (February 2016)

    • Quantum dot conjugated Carbon nanotube for imaging and therapy under the collaborative programme with Japan in Bio Nano Electronic ResearchCcentre, Toyo University, Japan (Completed)

    • Completed a project on “Glutathione conjugated gold nanorods for the detection of toxic heavy metal ions” as a part of M.Phil course curriculum, under the guidance of Dr. K Sreenivasan, Scientist G, Scientist in charge, Laboratory for Polymer Analysis, SCTIMST, India.

    • Completed a project on “Surface Plasmon Resonance and Photoluminescence Study of Gold nanoparticle” as a part of post graduate course curriculum under the guidance of Dr.Daizy Philip, Reader, Dept. of physics, Mar Ivanios College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India.

    • Completed a theoretical project on “Elementry Particle” as a part of graduation course curriculum under the guidance of Dr.Daizy Philip, Reader, Dept. of physics, Mar Ivanios College, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India.