School of Biotechnology
About School of Biotechnology

B. Tech. Biotechnology programme was started in 2008 with an initial in-take of 22 students which initiated the department establishment. The School of Biotechnology was established in 2009 with additional research program, Ph. D. in Biotechnology. Till now, 217 students have graduated successfully with our respectable alumni being placed in high positions. Our curriculum is designed to instigate the students’ curiosity in exploring different career options after their B. Tech. course.

  Apart from the academic excellence, the department also indulges scientific research in the key areas such as molecular biology and genetic engineering, bioprocess engineering, cancer biology, immunology, microbiology, biomaterials, bioinformatics, etc.,. These scientific research are supported by internal and external funding agencies such as DST-SERB, DBT. Over the years, School of Biotechnology has grown as a major center for higher education and research in India and will continue its legacy by incorporating the recent advancements in both academic and research fields.


To be globally recognized in biotechnology education and research leading to excellent and innovative graduates contributing to their profession and society.


M1 : To bring about well qualified biotechnology graduates with utmost learning in basic and advanced concepts in different fields of biotechnology

M2 : Equip the students with recent technical, practical and managerial skills to excel in industry, higher studies and entrepreneurship

M3 : Promote research in health science, agriculture as well as basic life science using cutting edge technology for the betterment of society