Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme

TEQIP III Sponsored FDP Programmes under Twinning with Govt. Engineering College Bharatpur, Rajasthan


1. Applications of Systems approach to water resources Engineering

Date: 01.05.18 – 06.05.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators : *Dr S K Pramadha *Dr R Arunkumar, *Dr. Priyanka Gupta (GECB)

2.Statistical methods and scientific applications

Date: 14.05.18 – 19.05.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :*Dr. Jessy John C *Mr Naveen Jha (GECB)

3. Real time monitoring, protection and control of power systems

Date: 21.05.18 – 26.05.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :*Dr. Sunitha R *Dr.Elizabeth P Cheryan *Dr. Navaneet Sharma (GECB)

4. Models and methods for supply chain decisions

Date: 21.05.18 – 26.05.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :*Dr R Sridharan *Mr. Ratna Kumar K *Mr. Akhileshwar  Kumar Pandey (GECB)

5.Research Trends in Multimedia and Multirate Signal Processing

Date: 04.06.18 – 09.06.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators : *Mr. V Shakthivel *Dr. Bindya T S *Dr. Ravi Guptha (GECB)

6 .Arm Based Embedded System Development

Date: 17.06.18 – 23.06.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :*Ms. Lyla B Das *Dr. Jagadanand G

7. Modeling and analysis of just-in-time production system

Date: 18.06.18- 23.06.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :* Dr. V. Madhusudanan Pillai * Mr. Rahul Srivastava (GECB)

8. Security and Privacy in Big Data Analysis

Date: 18.06.2018 - 23.06.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :*Dr. AnuMary Chacko *Dr. S. D. Madhukumar *Mr. Ankit Panch

9. Advanced condition monitoring methods for power equipment

Date: 25.06.18 - 30.06.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators :*Dr. Preetha P *Dr. Sindhu T K *Mr. Deepak Goyal (GECB)

10. Sustainable Supply Chain Modelling and operation Simulation of Supply chains

Date: 25.06.18- 30.06.18
Coordinators& Co-coordinators:*Dr. V. Madhusoodanan Pillai *Dr. B. L. Gupta (GECB)

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