CAD/CAM Centre
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology Calicut
Few of the evening slots of CAD/CAM Centre have been earmarked for the
various batches of the students during monsoon 2008 as follows.
Monday E1- MEU204PE (P)
Monday E2- MEU204ME (Q)
Tuesday E1- (6-7 PM) Demonstration Class
Tuesday E2- MEU204ME(P)
Wednesday E1- (6-7 PM) Demonstration Class
Wednesday E2- PM 442L (P)
Thursday E1- (6-7 PM) Demonstration Class
Thursday E2- PM 442L (Q)
Friday E1- MEU204CH(P)
Friday E2-PM 442L (R)
E1 - Evening 5-8 PM; E2 -Evening 8-11PM.
The details regarding Demonstration Classes will be put in the CAD/CAM Centre
notice board shortly.
All students who do not have regular class work in the CAD/CAM Centre but wish
to avail the facility should fill up the form and submit the same to the Centre in
Charge for getting permission. Regular class students may submit the form
directly to the CAD/CAM Centre. Students without permission will not be allowed
to work in the CAD/CAM Centre. Please carry your institute identity card with you
while working in the CAD/CAM Centre, particularly during outside class hours,
and they have to show it on demand. Please cooperate with the TA’s and staff
put on duty for the smooth functioning of the Centre. Any sort of indiscipline will
be viewed seriously which may lead to penalties, including denial of entry into
CAD/CAM Centre any further.
Dr. Jose Mathew
Professor in Charge
CAD/CAM Centre, MED, NIT Calicut