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Training Programs Conducted

Short Term Courses; Conducted

1. Training program on CMM and CAI, 12-16 May 2008 at NIT Calicut

2. Training program on CMM and CAI, 18-22 June2007 at NIT Calicut

3. Training program on CMM and CAI, 22-26, May 2006 at NIT Calicut

4. All India workshop on Coordiate Measuring Machines and Computer aided Inspection (CMM), 14-  16 June,2006 at NIT Calicut

5. All India workshop on Quality improvement through Six-Sigma (QISS), 5-7 July, 2006 at NIT Calicut

6. Training program on CMM and CAI, 26-30, August, 2002 at NIT Calicut


Training Abroad

Training on Micromachining at Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Mechanical Engineering Department, National University of Singapore & at M/s Mikrotools Pte. Ltd. Singapore during Nov-27-Dec.14, 2006

Dr. Jose Mathew, Faculty, Professor, Mechanical Engineering