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Projects Guidance

Ph. D.

1. Studies on Coordinate Metrology, Mr. P. B. Dhanish, (Part time), ongoing

2. Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearing, Mr. Patil Maharudhra. S. (Part time), ongoing

3. Investigations into Micro EDM, Mr. K. P. Somashekar, (Full time), ongoing

4. Machining of Composite Materials, Mr. K. Jayakumar, (Full time), Micro Machining, ongoing

M. Tech.

      Major Projects:

1. Investigations on Micro Electrical Discharge Turning (EDT),           Mr. A. Varun  (ongoing)

2. Optimization of parameters and modeling of Micro EDM, Mr. Aravind (ongoing)

3. Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on Mechanical Micromachining (M3)

4. Investigations on Microelectric Discharge Machining

5. Analysis of Cutting forces and Chatter in Endmilling

6. Computer Aided Design & Manufacture of Miniaturised Gear Pump

7. Experimental Analysis of Cutting Force and Surface Roughness during Facemilling

8. Investigations of Micro-Hole Machining by Micro-EDM

9. Experimental Studies on Microturning

10. Investigations into the influence of Process Parameters on Microwire EDM

11. Evaluation of Profile and Lead error of Spur Gear using coordinate Data.

12. Design, Modeling and Vibration Analysis of Fixture for Wheel Sensor.

13. Metallurgical Analysis of Orthopedic Implants and its Correlation with the clinical Performance in Biological Environment.

14. Investigations into the Effects of EBW & GTAW on Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AL-4V).

15. Studies on Effect of Si and Mg Addition on Properties of Duralumin.

16. Modeling of Human Face and Identification of Expression.

17. Studies on Epoxy Resin Modified by Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Rubber.

18. Evaluation of Circularity Error from coordinate Data using Convex Hulls and Voronoi Diagrams.

19. Development of an empirical Model for the Measurement Uncertainty of a CMM using Design of Experiments.

20. Generation of an Optimum CMM Inspection Path.

21. Dimensional Inspection of Roller Gear Cams using CMM.

22. Determining the Influence of Process Variables on Temperature Distribution in Orthogonal Machining using FEM.

 B. Tech.

    Major Projects:

1.   Thermal Error Compensation of coordinate Measurements in CMMs using Artificial Neural Networks

2.    Measurement of Gear Parameters using CMM Scanned Data.

3.    Extraction of 2D Features from Reverse Engineering.

4.  Computational Analysis of Thermal Field in a Work-piece during Plane Grinding Process.

5.   Computer Aided Drafting and Generation of NC codes for 21/2 Axis CNC Milling Machine.

6.    Automation of Horizontal Milling Machine.

Dr. Jose Mathew, Faculty, Professor, Mechanical Engineering